COVID 19 Counter Attack by VIP World

Team VIP World is teaching visually impaired people (VIP) to use Zoom software to conduct calls with volunteers such as YOU

Step 1

Team VIP World is giving online lectures/ tech support to VIP on using Zoom software in their computers and smartphones or join through phone numbers.

Step 2

Team VIP World is facilitating calls between YOU (volunteers) and VIP on various topics. 

Possible topics/ areas that can be discussed:


  1. Music

  2. Cooking- Recipes

  3. Book Reading

  4. Work Out

  5. Makeup Topics for Ladies 

  6. Travelling


  1. Learn a New Language

  2. Technology- New Trends

  3. Website Accessibility Test with VIPs

  4. User Testing sessions organized by Team VIP World for your product/ service


  1. What is your life about?

  2. What do you enjoy most?

  3. How does a VIP operate his/ her life?

  4. What is something new you would like to learn?

Or share with us what you would like to do...

Weekly Calls Schedule

Explore the scheduled calls on different topics during the week or create a new one of your interests.

Are you interested in taking part in unique, fun and knowledgeable online sessions?

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Learning from the COVID 19 Counter Attack sessions

  • VIP World is sharing the weekly learning from each call or session conducted with Visually Impaired People by the volunteers and the VIP World team.

  • The objective is to share the experience with everyone and encourage the world to acknowledge the accessibility needs of visually impaired people.

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