Inspirational VIPs

Inspirational VIPs list is an initiative to capture the struggles and success of Visually Impaired People or VIP as we like to refer, who have managed to achieve respective goals in their individual professions. 
This page includes stories and information about VIPs from different parts of the world, excelling in their professional field by answering three simple questions. If you wish to share your journey, please do write to us by pressing the contact us button at the end of the page. 

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Meet our inspirational VIPs

Holly Tuke
Sep 11, 2020
Job title: Assistive technology advisor, blogger and freelance writer
"We all face hurdles and obstacles, but you will get through them.“
Holly is legally blind and can only see light and dark. She claims that her visual impairment shaped her into a woman she is today.
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Jeff Hanson
Sep 6, 2020
Job title: Self-taught artist and businessman
“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love.”
Jeffrey is a blind award winning artist. He successfully sells his works as gifts, as well as for charity events. So far, he has raised more than 5 million dollars for charity and doesn't intend to stop.
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Steph Malfatti
Sep 2, 2020
Job title: Yoga and Pilates instructor
“There is no such thing as impossible.”
Steph a former cheerleader, has now found her passion as a yoga and pilates instructor. She helps other people change their physical and mental states for the better.
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Clarke Reynolds
Aug 28, 2020
Job title: Braille artist
“Follow your dreams.”
Clarke is registered blind and a visual artist. Loosing sight didn't stop him from getting higher education and continuing to do art. Currently, he making art from Braille alphabet and stives to become a “Braille artist”.
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Pete Eckert
Aug 20, 2020
Job title: Blind visual artist
“It is the best time in history to be a blind person.”
Pete is an award-winning blind photographer. After losing sight he had to give working in construction, but it is also how he got into photography. His groundbreaking work includes VW, Playboy, Swarovski and NCIS.
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John Furnis
Aug 18, 2020
Job title: Woodworker
“You are totally unique.”
John became totally blind at the age of 16. Nevertheless, it didn't stop him from taking lessons in woodworking and open his own wood shop. He is now a successful woodworker, who spreads awareness about the visually impaired.
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