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A service pairing a visually impaired person with a traveler/ registered volunteer in London to walk together in the same direction.

How is it useful?

Tube station - the first step of travel visually impaired person with volunteer
Zebra crossing red light - the second step of travel
Zebra crossing green light- the third step of travel VIP with volunteer
Bus stop - the last step of travel visually impaired person with volunteer
13 minutes estimated time, 0.5 mile distance and 11 minutes fun

Visually Impaired People (VIP)

  • Pair up with a registered and verified volunteer
  • Walk safely and cheaply with a volunteer by your side in busy roads
  • Schedule for a visit to a location and pre-book volunteers with the app


  • Pair with a VIP depending on time flexibility
  • Walk with a VIP to help them reach a destination similar to yours
  • Re-visit Travel Hands app to encash the points received by walking together with a VIP

How to use Travel Hands app?


Register in the app, share your details and verify for security reasons.


Pair up with a Visually Impaired Person (VIP) or a Volunteer to walk together from point A to point B.


Return to the app to look for a partner to pair up for walking together.

Three screens of the travel hands app

How to walk with a Visually Impaired Person?

Instructions on walking with VIP

"With Travel Hands, I want every visually impaired like me to travel around London with independence, safety, and comfort."- Kazeem Busari, VIP World Community member

Next Steps

Help Travel Hands Beta Test with the Visually Impaired People Community.

  • Travel Hands team will get in touch with you soon regarding safety requirements and your preferences on area, and time availability.
  • Share your thoughts on Travel Hands with your friends and family.