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Eversure Charged improved the user experience and SEO with VIP World

Team VIP World
May 2, 2022
1.5 minutes

Meet company Eversure Charged (www.eversurecharged.com), which improved the user experience of its website, increased engagement and gained SEO rankings by using the VIP World Platform. 

Eversure Charged was able to conduct research on a diverse group of disabled users with the help of the VIP World platform and that drastically improved their engagement with the 55+ years age group. In the last 3 months, their website has seen improvement in Google SEO rankings without spending on any SEO budget. Their marketing team confirmed that working on the accessibility of the website has helped them to get a great head start on promoting keywords directed towards their website. 

About the company: Eversure Charged is a company that offers Electric Vehicle Charging as a service. The company provides its clients with a complete end to end lifecycle, providing consultation, design, installation, support maintenance and quality management. 

Subscription with VIP World Platform

After using our free one-on-one consultation call, the client decided that they wanted to user test their website with disabled users and increase the accessibility of their pages. After exploring their options, they went ahead with Unmoderated sessions (the session where users will record themselves using your product and fill out your questionnaire).

The test was conducted on users with dyslexia, cerebral palsy, and partial vision impairments. Users had variable degrees of expertise in the assistive technologies they used i.e., from novice to advanced, and used devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Computer, MacBook, Android smartphones, and tablets in combination with assistive technologies such as NVDA, TalkBack, Zoom text, Eye gaze.


VIP World platform assisted Eversure Charged by not only making the website clutter-free and user friendly but also by increasing the SEO ranking by 20%, decreasing the bounce rate of the pages by 38%, and increasing the engagement on their website by 12% 

For additional information on the relationship between SEO and Accessibility, please read our blog on “how making a website accessible benefits SEO”.