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Ruby Linton’s graphic design internship experience at VIP World Services

Ruby Linton
Aug 10, 2020
2 minutes read


My name is Ruby Linton and I recently joined the Visually Impaired People (VIP) World Services community.

My role as a graphic design intern is to create attractive, eye-catching illustrations that Visually Impaired People and sighted people can find joy and pleasure looking at. Also, to help people understand VIPs World Services goals and what our hardworking, wonderful team has to offer.

I am originally from England but decided to attend Bowling Green State University in America to study Visual Communication Technology. I love how my major allows me to explore my passion for graphic design and immerse myself in opportunities such as working as a graphic designer for VIP World Services. Due to COVID-19 I unfortunately had to fly back home to England in March. This was very disappointing news as I did not want to leave my friends at university. However, soon enough I discovered a graphic design internship opportunity at VIP World Services. I was very excited and interested as I had never come across any company like VIP World Services before.

VIP World Services is a company that designs inclusive and accessible solutions for millions of Visually Impaired People around the world to make their lives easier.

Initially, I was unmindful of the different way’s VIPs use technology in their daily lives. I learned about how VIPs use computers and phones when I was assigned the task of creating a beautiful, engaging homepage image for the VIP World Services website. For VIPs to navigate a website easily, they need a keyboard, a screen reader to hear image descriptions, an option to increase the image and text size, an option to invert the colors, and a speaker for audio. For example, the image description for the image below would be “The image showcases the vision of the company, VIP World. Every Visually Impaired Person is a VIP for us, and we see the world from the eyes of the VIP. The image has an eye in the center with the pupil representing an accessible and inclusive world. The eye is linked with innovative technological developments provided for VIP, a community of VIP around the world, volunteering support, and corporations providing accessible services for VIP.” VIPs use a screen reader to operate a phone. A screen reader reads information on the screen through synthesized speech.

The team is currently working on preparing to launch a crowdfunding platform.

I am very excited to learn about the crowdfunding process. Also, I am highly optimistic about how much VIP World Services will gain from crowdfunding as I think we have so much potential as a team. I am extremely grateful for this internship opportunity and I am looking forward to learning more and creating innovative solutions with VIP World Services.