Nicola Naylor

Sep 19, 2020
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Condition: Bilateral coloboma

1. What is your profession and why did you decide to choose this field?

I have had a portfolio career but now I ride and compete dressage both able bodied and para dressage. I rode when I was younger and was partially sighted. I wanted to make riding my career when I was in my late teens but decided that being partially sighted and therefore unable to drive and not able to see to teach others, it would not be possible. I decided to go to university and forget riding. While at university I lost the remainder of my sight and never thought about riding again until I was in my 40s and had a daughter who wanted to ride. I got back on a horse because of her and knew immediately that it was all I wanted to do and that I wanted to compete in dressage.

2. What is the most rewarding thing about what you do?

The feeling of pure happiness when I am on a horse and in the moment and thinking of nothing other than what is going on between me and the horse.

3. What is your advice to all the other VIP around the world who don’t believe they can be successful in the area of their interest because of their disability?

Success is not about what you can and can't do, it is about finding and feeling what you can enjoy.