Vicky Rehbein

Oct 12, 2020
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Condition: Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH) and Nystagmus

1. What is your profession and why did you decide to choose this field?

I work as a Civil Servant however I would so much rather be a full-time photographer. I enjoy photography in my free time - it is my passion. My mum has always told me to "look" and has taken the time to show me things that I otherwise would have missed.

2. What is the most rewarding thing about what you do?

The most satisfying thing about taking pictures for me is capturing the beauty in nature especially the small things which I fear, many sighted people just don't "see". If you say to most people that I, as a visually impaired person, am into photography their response is often an incredulous raise of the eyebrows… "um like how? you don't see well". Actually, when I was given a camera for my 21st birthday it was like a whole new world opened up for me! Suddenly I could zoom in on stuff I couldn't see… birds in the trees, rabbits in the fields, and the fine detail of tiny flowers. I have exhibited locally alongside experienced photographers successfully selling my work. I love to share my pictures on Facebook and Instagram.

3. What is your advice to all the other VIP around the world who don't believe they can be successful in the area of their interest because of their disability?

Just do what you want to and never let anyone tell you you can't…. ok there may be the odd thing that's out of your reach but I say if you want to have a go, go for it!