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VIP World Community

Our company’s mission is to serve the 285 million Visually Impaired People or VIP as we like to refer all over the world. We cannot achieve this without involving our VIP. Therefore, VIP World Community is a place for all VIP to join us in our mission and share their individual stories.  
VIP World is designing inclusive websites, apps, or services for government institutions and private organisations so that VIP can access all information properly. We do this by including VIP in the process, testing, and designing solutions for them and with them. We are also rewarding VIP for their part time involvement and inputs with cash or coupons.

What are the benefits of joining the VIP World Community?
1. Share your questions and doubts related to IT skills
2. Gain confidence in using technology
3. Share your knowledge with others and make new friends
4. Find new opportunities of part time work 
5. Become active in all aspects of your life
We have more information about Inspirational VIPs from around the world, sharing their stories of struggle and success to inspire you to achieve your goals.

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