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VIP World platform connects YOU with a diverse pool of people with disabilities and Accessibility Experts to perform user testing, and create disabled-friendly tech solutions.

Why? because £17.1 Billion a year is lost by UK websites for excluding the needs of people with access needs.

Meet a few of the Community members

Owais Niaz

Regular Tester
Owais smiling at the camera, wearing a black jacket

completely blind English speaker.

Advanced IT software user.


Beginner in Testing
Alan is staring at the camera wearing a black hat and a black jacket

completely blind, early Smartphone user, who loves to Travel and enjoy life every moment.

Julie Gavin

Beginner in Testing
Julie is smiling in the picture, wearing a white jumper and transparent glasses

partially sighted,
regular Zoom Text and Magnifier user.

Loves to work.

Marilin Salström

Regular Tester
, wearing a white cheque jumper

frequently prefers to use NVDA screen

Reader for accessing the internet.

What we offer

For Corporates

User Testing and Research

icon represents applying filters in the dashboard to find suitable user tester or researcher participant
Filter Profiles of people with disabilities based on technical abilities or type of disability or criteria of your choice.

Conduct research sessions within 48 hours from the moment You schedule.

Accessibility Experts

icon represents searching for accessibility experts on the platform
Find the solutions to accessibility issues identified by assigning an Accessibility Expert from the platform.

Get an extensive report supporting WCAG 2.1 guidelines and insights generated from the user research & testing process.
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VIP World Platform
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For People with Disabilities

Paid Work

icon represents earning money by participating in ad hoc work
The platform presents opportunities for VIP and people with access needs to get paid for sharing their knowledge and experience.

Register with VIP World platform and create your personal social CV.

VIP World Community

icon represents diverse people with disabilities in the community
VIP World community engages and empowers people with disabilities to use technology and be more comfortable in an ever-growing digital world.

Share a laugh, skill or knowledge with other members of the community.
Do you use any assistive technology?
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Explore the VIP World Community
VIP World Community

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