VIP World

is a platform connecting you remotely with:
- Visually Impaired People (VIP)
- People with Other Disabilities
- Accessibility Experts
on-demand to accelerate user research, design and development of accessible services and products.

Decorative image describing VIP World platform which connects corporate with people with disabilities remotely
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You get access to a diverse community of 850 + people with disabilities from the VIP World Community, who use various assistive technologies.
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Assistive Technology Configuration Examples

JAWS/ NVDA with Chrome
Voice Over with Safari
Talkback with Android Apps
Zoom Text with Firefox browser

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VIP World enables you to:

Test On-Demand

  • Select people with disabilities participants  
  • Select from moderated & unmoderated sessions
  • Get feedback within 2 business days
  • Schedule on your own time

Try multiple Configurations

  • 20+ Assistive Tech configurations
  • Work on websites, web Apps and native Apps
  • Mobile and Desktop testing
  • Browser specific testing

Record Sessions

  • Hear what screen reader users hear
  • Create video recordings of the sessions
  • Create your customised repository of tasks
  • Easily share videos and transcripts

Accessibility Solution

Add the services of Accessibility Experts on VIP World platform and create accessible digital solutions on top of the insights discovered from people with disabilities. 

Expert Analysis - Our auditor will conduct a thorough audit/ analysis of the website pages in question considering the WCAG 2.1 Standard Guidelines. The areas of concern will be categorised under - critical/ minor/ medium and conformance level A, AA and AAA.

Usability Testing - Online usability testing with 3-5 VIP profile types will be conducted while reporting on the various use cases.

Accessible Solution Report - A report briefing solutions for the problems or issues identified in each of the pages across each device will be shared, covering the collective work from experts and feedback from our VIP users

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